Flights are now taking off and landing at Stansted Airport, albeit with delays due to bad weather, after being closed for a few hours due to the snowstorm. A yellow weather warning remains place for Scotland, London and south-west England until Monday morning, with the disruption set to continue.

Three of the UK’s busiest airports have been forced to close their runways and the aircraft parked there with several hours of heavy snowfall. Operations at London Heathrow, London Gatwick, and London Stansted Airport were severely disrupted as flights remained grounded and diverted.

The closed runways and consistent poor weather saw at least 50 flights be canceled at Heathrow, whereas Gatwick and Luton also saw hundreds of cancelations and numerous flight delays.

Flights initially scheduled to fly into these airports during the suspensions of operations were also affected as they were diverted to other airports. Emirates flight EK 009 from Dubai to Gatwick was one such affected flight, having been diverted to land at Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport instead. Another affected flight was Ryanair flight FR 226 from Dublin to Stansted, but after circling above the airport for several hours before the runway closure, it diverted to Manchester Airport instead.

Trains across the West Midlands were also hit by delays.

Passengers travelling today and tomorrow are advised to check their flight status with the airline – and also local travel conditions – before departing for the airport