In response to the government’s plans to progressively raise the retirement age to 64 by the year 2030, trade unions in France have called for strikes and protests.
Although participation will vary between sectors, the action is likely to cause countrywide disruptions in commerce, transportation, and public services. The unions expect a “massive mobilization” with the participation of all sectors.

On the side of transport, energy, and public service, the unions have already warned of their participation, in addition to the social movements organized before or after this date.
On Saturday, January 21st there will be a demo in Paris against the reforms – the exact time and route is still to be confirmed, and there may be demos in other cities too.

Employees of French National Railway Company (SNCF) unions have been urged to participate in the strike, which is expected to have an effect on rail services across the country. Along with similar strikes by other local public transport providers in other cities, unions that represent the RATP’s employees have also called on their members to participate. Although the exact number of participants is not yet known, the strikes are likely to cause widespread train, bus, tram, and metro service delays as well as cancellations.

Potential participation by Air Traffic Control (ATC) staff and airport and airline workers could prompt air transport disruption nationwide.

Confirm Jan. 19 appointments in the public and private sectors, as well as those at public health clinics and other governmental facilities. For the most recent information on public transportation disruptions, check with operators; if necessary, make alternative travel plans. Arrive early at airports to give yourself more time to get through security checks.