A French strike will begin at the beginning of the 18th night shift and last until the 20th morning.
Due to the nationwide strike, the majority of trains were canceled across the nation, and substantial disruptions to the Paris subway system were anticipated on January 19.

  • In France, most trains will be cancelled on Thursday as part of a nationwide protest against the government’s proposal to extend the length of time workers must work before they can retire.
  • Flights will also be impacted, and Paris’ subway system will be severely delayed.
  • According to the SNCF railway operator, just one in ten local TER trains and only one in three to one in five high-speed TGV lines will be in operation.
  • International travel is anticipated to be close to usual on the Eurostar and Thalys lines, although the Lyria connection with Switzerland will be heavily disrupted and other international train connections will be entirely cancelled.
  • In Paris, the vast majority of RER commuter trains will be cancelled, while three metro lines will be entirely shut down and many others will be disrupted.
  • One out of every five flights to and from Paris’ Orly airport is expected to be canceled in the meantime.

At this time, the only airport in the nation where the strikes could cause inconveniences is the one south of Paris, which is the second-largest airport in the city.

Air France flight attendants have scheduled a walkout for January 19.

Significant strikes are expected in France in a number of industries in January and February. These strikes have seriously impacted services across the country, especially those involved in travel and tourism. Keep an eye on local media for updates as the situation unfolds, and consider contacting your hotel, tour operator, or travel agency to see if your plans may be affected. There may also be significant protests at specific moments.

Arrive early at airports to allow extra time to pass through processing procedures; do not check out of accommodations until onward travel is confirmed.