The French trade unions CGT and Sud Rail have asked railroad workers to participate in a nationwide strike on January 31. On that same day, unions in other sectors have also called for a «mass strike» in protest of pension reforms, with more action in February.

The French air transport strike will start at 18.00 on 30 January and will last until 06.00 on 1 February. Minimum services (air traffic control facility) will apply at the French regional control centre. During the planned strike, travellers wishing to fly to or from French airports should contact their airline to confirm the status of their flights. You can find the first version of the mitigation plan valid mostly for the 30th of January in Eurocontrol.

  • Scheduled train strikes in France: Several unions call on SNCF agents to participate in the general strike of 31 January 2023. Additional strikes are planned on 7 and 8 February 2023. SNCF Voyageurs recommends that travellers who are able to cancel or postpone their journeys planned for that day, and to encourage teleworking. SNCF Voyageurs recommends that travellers who cannot postpone their journey check train traffic the day before, Monday 30 January at 17:00 on SNCF websites and applications.
  • Scheduled Paris Metro Strikes and other RATP services: The RATP will be on strike on 31 January.
  • Scheduled Air Strikes in France: Air France will be on strike on 31 January. Most probably, all airlines to/from France will be impacted by the air controllers’ strike.
  • Scheduled Airport Strikes in France: strike by air controllers on 31 January; strike in Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) on 31 January.
  • Staff at the airports and ski resort will strike on January 31. Teachers, healthcare professionals, government employees, and representatives from numerous other fields are set to join the strike on January 31.
  • France’s CGT union has also called for refinery workers and other staff in the petrol sector to strike for 48 hours on 6 February.

Allow extra time for travel in major cities. Confirm availability of public transport, as well as flight and rail travel arrangements for dates on which major strikes are planned.