France. Transport strike on Tuesday, March 7

On Tuesday, March 7, a number of unions have called for strikes and protests across France. Industrial action may begin the night before a strike day and continue through the next morning.
As a result, beginning on March 7, train service in Paris and the Île-de-France region is likely to be disrupted on the metro, the RER A and B lines, the bus system, and the trams. Recall that on February 7, there were delays in both the metro and the RER lines A and B. Just during peak hour were a few metro lines open. On the other hand, no interruptions were noticed between February 11 and 16.

The USAC cgt union, which represents air traffic controllers (ATC), has urged its members to join the strike on March 7.
There may be some disruptions to aircraft operations in France as a result of Eurocontrol’s (The European Organisation for Safety of Air Navigation) announcement that minimum services would be imposed at several ATC centers from 18:00 March 6–07:00 March 8.

Allow extra time for travel in major cities. Confirm availability of public transport, as well as flight and rail travel arrangements for dates on which major strikes are planned.
Please avoid demonstrations and follow the advice of local authorities.