Germany. German Airport Staff Strikes Continue At Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn & Stuttgart March 17, 2023

German trade union Verdi has called another set of strikes to occur this Friday, March 17, 2023, at Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn & Stuttgart airports.
Strike actions by German’s public sector employees and ground and flight control staff at the country’s largest airports brought significant problems in air traffic in the northern part of the territory
A total of 351 flights were cancelled, thus affecting 100,000 travellers, based to the German Airports Association (ADV).
At Berlin Brandenburg Airport, a total of 200 departures were suspended, affecting over 27,000 passengers. At the same time, in Hamburg, 123 departures were suspended, while in Hanover and Brement there were no arrivals or departures at all.

In addition, German trade union Verdi has called another set of strikes that are scheduled to happen on March 17 at Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn & Stuttgart airports. Cancellations and delays are expected in the Lufthansa Group flight schedule to and from these airports.

According to airport authorities, the strike will cause serious flight disruptions, such as delays in processing, cancellations, and delays in departure. All flights at Stuttgart have been canceled by the facility’s management for March 17, and operations won’t restart until March 18. On the other hand, Colonia officials claim that due to shift schedules, the walkout will probably result in flight delays through the evening of March 18; comparable disruptions are possible at other affected airports. Medical and emergency aircraft won’t be impacted by the work stoppage.

Passengers who expect to travel on Friday should monitor their reservation and change their flight to an airport not affected by this strike action. Airlines are required by EU law EC261/2004 to rebook affected passengers at the earliest opportunity, even if this means moving them to competing airlines, or passengers can also opt for a refund. The airlines are also required to provide accommodation and meals in case of long delays

Prior to arriving at the affected airports until at least March 18 in the evening, confirm travel status. Check-out shouldn’t happen before your next destination has been verified. Allow additional time to clear passenger processing and airport security procedures.