Germany. In several German cities, unionized airport security personnel will go on strike April 20–21.

The Verdi union, which represents the unionized airport security employees, has announced a strike for April 20–21 at several airports. If you have flights booked on Cologne, Dusseldorf or Hamburg from late April through at least the evening of April 21, please confirm them. For essential trips or cargo, take into account alternative arrangements.

Serious repercussions on air traffic are expected.

Passengers are advised allow extra time for their journey. We strongly recommend arriving at the check-in desk 2.5h before departure. Please also check the status of your flight in advance on your airline’s website.

There will be a strike at Deutsche Bahn and other railway companies in Germany next Friday 21 April. It is scheduled to begin right at the start of operations at 3 a.m. on Friday night. Although the strike is only scheduled until 11 a.m., it is likely that there will be further cancellations and delays on trains throughout the day. Especially on long-distance transport, it will probably take longer for rail traffic to return to normal.