Corea del Sur. (Asia) Actualización de requisitos Covid

A partir del 1 de junio de 2023, se reducirá el período de aislamiento obligatorio para los pacientes con COVID-19 de 7 días a una recomendación de aislamiento durante 5 días. Esto significa que aquellos que hayan dado positivo en la prueba de COVID-19 podrán salir antes del aislamiento obligatorio, pero se les recomendará que permanezcan en cuarentena durante 5 días adicionales.
Además, se ha anunciado que las mascarillas solo serán obligatorias en los hospitales, lo que significa que no será necesario llevarlas en otros lugares públicos. Es importante destacar que estas medidas están sujetas a cambios según la evolución de la situación sanitaria en el país.

South Korea (Asia) Covid Requirements Update

Effective June 1, 2023, the mandatory isolation period for COVID-19 patients will be reduced from 7 days to a recommendation of isolation for 5 days. This means that those who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be able to leave prior to mandatory isolation, but will be recommended to remain in quarantine for an additional 5 days.
In addition, it has been announced that facemasks will only be mandatory in hospitals, meaning that they will not need to be worn in other public places. It is important to note that these measures are subject to change depending on the evolution of the health situation in the country.

This strike will mainly affect rail service, so it is expected that there will be many disruptions and delays in train travel. The Portuguese railway company, CP, has informed that traffic will also be slightly affected on May 30 and June 1, 2023. For this reason, we recommend that you plan your trips in advance and consider other transportation options if necessary.
Also, if you plan to travel to or from the airport, we recommend that you take the necessary measures to avoid delays and inconveniences. We suggest that you inform yourself about available transportation alternatives and plan your trip well in advance.