ITALY. New travel restrictions


Update. Italy extends state of emergency till April 30th 2021 and the travel ban between regions. In addition, a nationwide curfew from 10pm till 5am was implemented, still effective today.
Italy’s government has confirmed classifying regions into colored zones according to how critical the Rt index is (rate of transmission). Since November, Italy has been divided into three zones: yellow (safer), orange (medium risk) and red (high risk). Until April 30, there will be no yellow zone. 
According to the Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 2 April 2021, whoever enters Italy until 30 April 2021 after staying in or transiting through any List C countries – which now include Israel and the United Kingdom – in the previous 14 days will be required to self-isolate for 5 days (as well as comply with the self-declaration obligations and show a negative swab test at arrival). At the end of the self-isolation period, a new molecular or antigenic test will be required. The self-isolation period is extended to 14 days in the case of entries from Tyrol Region in Austria.
Numerous international entry restrictions remain in place: All permitted arrivals, except those from San Marino and Vatican City, must currently fill out a self-declaration form prior to arrival. Transport and health workers, individuals in transit through Italy, and those staying in Italy for less than 120 hours (five days) for work reasons are exempt.
In addition, travel from outside the EEA and Schengen-associated states – with the exception of that from Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand – is currently prohibited unless conducted for study, proven work needs, or urgent health or family reasons; all permitted arrivals must self-isolate for 14 days.
Domestic Restrictions: Authorities are maintaining domestic COVID-19 measures. The regions of Calabria, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, Puglia, Tuscany, and Valle d’Aosta are classed as red April 6-30. All other regions in the country are designated as orange zones. More information here