GREEN SHOOTS. Frankfurt to Reopen Northwest Runway from June 1


Advice. On Tuesday, June 1, the Northwest Runway at Frankfurt Airport will recommence operations. Fraport – the company that operates Frankfurt Airport – has decided to reopen the runway in anticipation of a rise in aircraft movements this summer. These expectations are backed by the forecasts issued by Eurocontrol, the European air traffic coordination agency. There has already been a increase in takeoffs and landings in Frankfurt in recent weeks. If numbers continue to rise, the runway will be required to ensure operations continue to run smoothly and to avoid delays. 
In response to the sharp fall in traffic volumes amid the coronavirus pandemic, Fraport took the Northwest Runway out of service between March 23 and July 8, 2020. The runway was closed again from December 14, 2020, and is currently employed as a temporary parking space for aircraft.