Vaccinated Spaniards will not need a test to enter the Balearics


Update. Spanish travellers who have been vaccinated will no longer need to present a negative Covid test when entering the Balearics. The change to the regulations will apply from this Sunday. There is one stipulation, that the first dose of vaccine is administered at least fifteen days prior to arrival. As well as vaccinated travellers, national tourists coming from regions where the 14-day incidence is below 60 cases will not need to present negative tests at ports or airports. the Balearics, with an incidence below 50, are ready to welcome the largest number of tourists possible, both national and international. More information here

Updated 05/20/2021 at 07:19 

According to the latest data, the Balearic Islands have confirmed 39 new cases and two new deaths from COVID-19 in the last day. In total, the accumulated number of infections amounts to 60,072 infected throughout the region and 837 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic.

The latest figures on the pandemic COVID-19 in Spain confirmed 6,080 new cases and 66 deaths in the last day, as measured by recent data from Johns Hopkins University in the 19 May . In total, the accumulated number of infections amounts to 3,625,928 infected throughout the country and 79,568 people have died since the first case emerged.

Most affected places in the country

The regions of Spain that are being most affected by the expansion of the coronavirus are:

  • Madrid , with 706,306 infections (+1,474 new positives) and 15,196 deaths, the region with the highest figures in the country at this time.
  • Catalonia , with 603,975 infections (+1,366 new confirmed cases) and 14,491 deaths.
  • Andalusia , with 571,401 infections (+1,038 new cases) and 9,840 deaths.