Terminal T2 at Barcelona-El Prat Airport reopens on June 15. ITALY. Italian Air traffic control (ATC) staff plan to hold a nationwide.


Advice. Aena has announced the reopening of terminal T2 at Barcelona-El Prat Airport on Tuesday June 15 with the operations of all the companies that usually work in this space, although the T2C terminal will continue to be closed.
All departure flights from T2 will check-in in the T2B area and access to the boarding gates will be made only through the security filter in this same area, according to a statement from Aena on Tuesday. On the other hand, arrivals of domestic flights and from countries of the Schengen zone. They will operate in T2B and flights from non-Schengen countries, in T2A.
Also the free shuttle bus service will be restored between the two terminals and from this Tuesday the surface car parks of terminal T2B and the ‘express parking’ of terminal T2 will be operational. Two waiting areas for companions have been set up outside the building, one in front of the T2B arrivals area and the other in terminal T2A.

According to Royal Decree-Law 26/2020, access to the terminals is through the signposted entrances and entry is only allowed to passengers who have a valid ticket or boarding pass and to the strictly necessary companions of passengers who require special assistance or minors.

Italian Air traffic control (ATC) staff plan to hold a nationwide four-hour strike 13:00-17:00 June 18. As of June 2, ATC staff in Florence, Milan, Olbia-Tempio, Perugia, Pescara, Pisa, and Rome Ciampino have confirmed their participation in the action. The ATC strike could lead to flight disruptions, including delays and cancellations.
General strike Sunday, June 20, 2021. Trains and local transportation personnel will be on strike. Trains for 24 hours starting from 21:00 on June 20th. Local transportation for 24 hours with different starting times depending on the specific location (no further details are available).