Tropical Storm Elsa tracking west-northwestward in Caribbean Sea


High risk. Hurricane Elsa is moving west across the Caribbean. Cuban authorities have now downgraded warnings of Hurricane Elsa to warnings of a Tropical Storm for all provinces in the country including Havana.
The system will subsequently track northwestward across Cuba, reaching the northern city of Cardenas during the afternoon of July 5. Early forecasts suggest the storm will retain its current force and turn northward across Florida’s Straits, making a close approach to Key West, Florida, early July 6.
Elsa will then likely begin moving northeast and make landfall as a tropical storm near Saint Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida, July 7. After landfall, the system is forecast to retain its tropical storm force as it tracks northeastwards across Florida July 7 but weaken before exiting the state and continuing to South Carolina early July 8. 
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