Hurricane Grace soaks Mexico’s Caribbean coast

Hurricane Grace struck Mexico’s Caribbean coast just south of the ancient Mayan temples of Tulum early Thursday, pushing a dangerous storm surge. Nearly 120,000 tourists remain locked in their hotels in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, as a security measure in the face of Hurricane Grace.
The Category 1 storm had already soaked earthquake-damaged Haiti, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands en route to a direct hit on the Riviera Maya. The storm was forecast to re-emerge over the Gulf of Mexico Thursday night into Friday.
Quintana Roo state had opened shelters and evacuated some hotels and residents ahead of the storm’s arrival. Authorities had ordered all businesses closed and people inside by 8 p.m. Some airlines cancelled flights to the peninsula. The Cancun airport reported 124 cancellations, 62 arrivals and 62 departures, mostly flights to the United States.

Tropical Storm Henri is tracking westward in the North Atlantic Ocean. Henri currently has maximum sustained winds of 105 km/h and is classified as a tropical storm, but forecasters expect it to strengthen by the end of the week, possibly into a hurricane. Torrential precipitation could trigger flash floods and mudslides. Possible heavy rain and low visibility may trigger flight disruptions at regional airports, business, transport and utility disruptions.

Activate contingency plans in areas where officials forecast adverse weather conditions. Heed any evacuation orders that may be issued. Charge battery-powered devices when electricity is available; restrict the use of cellular phones to emergencies only and Keep important documents and necessary medications in waterproof containers.