Iceland. Air traffic controllers plan to go on strike on 31 August

Air Traffic Controllers at Iceland’s Keflavík Airport will go on strike next week. The planned strike action will take place on August 31st and will impact thousands of passengers.
Current reports suggest the strike will begin at 05:00 and continue until 10:00.
Ísavia employees at Iceland’s main airport will strike during the morning of August 31st. The strike includes all members who work for Ísavia, which means the control tower could effectively be out of action. 
The impacted airlines include Icelandair, Finnair, Delta, PLAY, KLM, Transavia, easyJet and SAS. But the strike is likely to have a much more significant impact. Although details haven’t emerged yet, the strike is could include other Ísavia Air Traffic Controllers at airports across Iceland, not just at Keflavík airport. This could impact the entirety of Icelandic airspace.

Travelers are advised to confirm the status of their flights prior to departure to the airport and to contact their airline for more information.