CANARY ISLANDS. BINTER starts flights with La Palma


In view of the positive development of the ash cloud from the volcanic eruption, La Palma Airport is operational and Binter Canarias has resumed their operations to La Palma, but most flights are still cancelled. Due to the changing circumstances, please check the status of your flight here before going to the airport. 

The dangers posed to aviation by a volcanic dust cloud are rated with a five-tier colour-coded warning system from grey to red.
The La Palma volcano is currently rated “Orange” by the Toulouse Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, which is in charge of providing expertise on volcanic eruptions for most of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

This is the second most dangerous level and signifies sporadic ash emission. The code of red is reserved for times of significant emission of ash into the atmosphere.

Avoid areas near the volcano. Confirm flights to and from SPC if volcanic activity intensifies.