ITALY. Verona airport will be closed until 9 October. FRANCE. National strike on 5 October


ITALY. Aeroporto Verona, also known as Catullo Airport, will be closed until the morning of Saturday, 9 October 2021, because of runway repairs. Passengers are advised to contact their airline for any information on the flights booked.

FRANCE. Several unions in France are calling for a day of strikes and demonstrations on Tuesday, 5 October 2021. The CGTR railway federation called on its members to join the strike. The SNCF is expected to list trains that are running or those that will be canceled or delayed. In Occitanie, this list will be available on the TER Occitanie website, on SNCF applications and by telephone on 0800 31 31 31. Urban transport in cities could be impacted by the mobilization of Tuesday. In Toulouse, major disruptions are expected on its bus and tram network. However, the two lines of the Toulouse Metro are currently expected to operate normally.

Passengers planning to fly into or out of the Tolouse-Blagnac Airport on 5 October should contact their airline to confirm flight status.

Avoid all protests as a standard security precaution. Allow additional time for travel near known or possible demonstration venues.