SPAIN. Aena will allow free access in the coming days.


SPAIN. The Minister of Transport, announced this Saturday that in the next few days access restrictions will be lifted to the terminals of the all national airports dependent on Aena applied on the occasion of Covid-19. Currently, to avoid crowds, only passengers with a boarding pass, aerodrome workers and companions can enter the airport terminals with just cause. This limitation will end in the coming days

CHILE. Chile will not require quarantine for vaccinated travelers entering country with negative PCR test. The government of Chile announced that it would abolish the mandatory quarantine for all travelers entering the country who are vaccinated. This measure will come into effect on November 1 and will also require a negative diagnostic test.
The measure will affect citizens, foreigners, residents, or tourists.
In addition, travelers entering the country are required to be available during the first 10 days in Chilean territory for the health authorities, so that they can follow up.