SPAIN. The theft of 1,000 meters of copper cable in Massalfassar (Valencia) turns rail traffic upside down


Shortly before one in the morning on Tuesday, 21 December, there was the theft of 1,000 meters of copper cable from the electrification system of the railway service. This has caused a fire in a technical building at the Massalfassar station, which has completely burned the cabin that houses the computer equipment that controls the management systems on the section between Puçol and Alboraia.

The consequence of all this is that rail traffic between Valencia and Castelló has had to be restricted and things seem to be going on for a long time.
The fire has destroyed the very complex computer systems that are in charge of traffic management, signaling, communications and the security system. Systems that now have to be completely redone, a process that can take quite a long time, so the effect on train traffic will last for several weeks.
This theft and the fire are affecting the railway connection between Valencia and Castelló, the Cercanías service, the medium and long distance services and the goods.

Commuter train delays are being registered on lines C5, the one that connects València and Caudiel, and C6, the one that goes from València to Castellón. Specifically, on line C6, where three trains usually travel every hour, today only one can circulate.

Regarding long distance services, Euromed and Intercity, which link Valencia and Barcelona, ​​there are average delays of 40 minutes. For the AVE between Madrid and Castelló, in which usually two trains traveled in each direction, an alternative road plan has been established between València and Castelló and vice versa.

Travellers are advised to monitor the situation, anticipate rail delays, cancelations, and congestion, and seek alternative modes of transportation or maintain a flexible itinerary