Istanbul airport, shuts down due to snow storm

Istanbul Airport suspended all flights on Monday because of a heavy snowstorm. The airport opened in 2019, replacing the old Ataturk Airport as the new hub for Turkish Airlines. It provides an important connection route for destination across Africa and the Middle East, as well as Europe and Asia. More information about the flights here.

However, a severe snowstorm disrupted road and air traffic Monday in the Greek capital of Athens.

Aegean and Olympic Air on Monday announced that only a limited number of flights will operate due to the exceptional weather conditions in Greece.

Only the following flights will operate should weather conditions at departure time allow:

Flight 532 From Thessaloniki to Frankfurt
Flight 833 Frankfurt Athens
Flight 905 Larnaca Athens
Flight 510 Salónica Stuttgart
Flight 511 Stuttgart Thessaloniki

All other flights to and from Athens International Airport and other Greek airports have been canceled.

Monitor local media for weather-related updates and advisories. Confirm all transport reservations and business arrangements before traveling in the affected area.