City of Ottawa declares state of emergency due to ongoing protest.

There’s ongoing protests against pandemic restrictions in Ottawa, and several other Canadian cities. On 6 February, Ottawa has declared a state of emergency with significant disruptions in the downtown area. Police and truck barricades have cordoned off most streets, and businesses remain closed. The situation remains unpredictable and local authorities are urging people to avoid any travel to this area. COVID-19 travel restrictions continue to apply for people entering Canada.

Many roadways and highways across the city will experience traffic delays and disruptions. Travelers can continue to check online traffic map for up-to-date information on traffic delays and disruptions due to the demonstrations.

People who must travel by car into the downtown core and surrounding area should allow for additional time and plan possible alternate routes to their destinations. Consider alternative routes. Reconfirm the status of roads and border crossings before departure. Plan for delays to ground travel, including the movement of freight. Avoid demonstrations as a standard precaution.