The Latest EU/Schengen Countries That Have Removed COVID-19 Testing for Travellers


Pre-entry testing requirements have been lifted in various European Union and Schengen Area nations.

Finland is the most recent country to announce that all vaccinated travellers will no longer be subject to the testing requirement.
Thus, this means that Finland now applies more relaxed entry rules not only for citizens of the EU but for nationals of third countries too. On the other hand, travellers who have not been vaccinated against the virus will continue to be subject to entry rules.

France has announced that all fully vaccinated travellers are now permitted entry to the country without having to undergo the pre-entry testing requirement. The lifting of the testing requirement applies to all travellers, including nationals of third countries. France currently recognises only vaccination passes that indicate that the holder has completed primary vaccination in the last nine months.

Greece has ended such a requirement for arrivals from the US, Canada, and Australia too. Travellers from these countries can now enter Greece restriction-free as long as they prove that they have been vaccinated, recovered, or tested recently. Greece accepts vaccination certificates provided that the document proves that the last vaccine dose has been taken within the last nine months. On the other hand, recovery certificates are valid only for a period of 180 days.

Portugal has lifted the testing requirement for travellers from the EU and for several other third countries that have been successfully connected to the EU Digital COVID Certificate, Portugal accepts vaccination, recovery and test certificates. In order for a vaccination certificate to be recognised in Portugal, the document must prove that the holder has been vaccinated in the last nine months or has received a booster shot. Recovery certificates are accepted as long as the document proves that the holder has been infected with the virus in the last 180 days. As for tests, Portugal accepts both PCR and rapid antigen tests.

Lithuania has announced that since February 15, all travellers from the EU/EEA are able to enter under facilitated rules. Travellers from EU/EEA as well as third-country nationals who hold a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate can now enter the country without having to undergo additional entry rules, such as take a pre-entry test.

has also eased its entry rules. Since last week travellers from the EU/Schengen Area can enter Sweden without having to undergo pre-entry or post-arrival testing requirements.

The Spanish authorities announced earlier this week that third country travellers between the age of 12 and 17 would no longer be required to present a valid vaccination certificate. This means that third-country travellers of this age can now travel to Spain by only presenting a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours before arrival.

Travel regulations can change at short notice. Please check the latest official government information of your destination before travelling.