Netherlands. Further air, rail, road travel disruption.

The storm that is sweeping across Europe is mainly affecting the Netherlands and disruptions to air, rail and road transport are occurring. The strong winds will continue to affect air traffic. At 7:30 a.m., Schiphol reported 108 canceled departures and 113 canceled arrivals on its website for Monday. Major cancellations and delays are to be expected until and including Monday, February 21st. KLM and Schiphol airport urgently advise you to reconsider your itinerary and postpone travels to, from or via Amsterdam.

Please check your current flight information before travelling to the airport or consult your airline if you’re travelling today.

Because of the stormy weather, the Dutch railway company NS is also facing operational issues. If you plan arriving to Schiphol via public transport, we advise travelling by taxi.
NS expects to run most trains according to schedule on Monday, though fewer trains are running on some routes due to the weather. There are fewer trains between Dordrecht and Roosendaal, between Rotterdam Central Station and Breda, and Between Breda and Noorderkempen.

Travelers should expect extra travel time and check the NS travel planner for current information before departing.