EL Gobierno español ha vuelto a ampliar las restricciones a la entrada de vuelos a España desde países fuera de la Unión Europea y el Espacio Schengen hasta el 31 de mayo. En la que se establecen medidas de cuarentena para las personas que llegan, con o sin escalas intermedias desde India, Brasil, Sudáfrica, Botswana, Comoras, Ghana, Kenia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Perú y Colombia solo pueden ingresar al territorio nacional si son “personas residentes en España o Andorra”.

También podrán hacerlo si se trata de personal de transporte, marineros y personal aeronáutico requerido y es necesario para realizar actividades de transporte aéreo y esto aplica organismos diplomáticos, consulares, internacionales, militares, de protección civil y miembros de organizaciones humanitarias, en el ejercicio de sus funciones o personas que puedan documentar motivos de fuerza mayor o situación de necesidad, o cuya entrada esté permitida por razones humanitarias .


The Spanish Government has again extended restrictions on flight entry into Spain from countries outside the European Union and the Schengen Area until May 31.

The Ministry of the Interior revealed on April 20 that the country will consider lifting the entry restrictions on non-essential travel from European countries while extending the existing restrictions on entry to Spain from countries where Covid-19 variants have widely spread.

The new order, which followed one that expired on April 19, was effective until May 3, 2021, but the measures have been extended again for a further 28 days, travellers coming, with or without stopovers, from India, Brazil, South Africa, Botswana, Comoros, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Peru and Colombia may only enter national territory if they are “persons resident in Spain or Andorra”.

Other exceptions are Spanish citizens and their “spouse or partner with whom they maintain an analogous conjugal union registered in a public registry, and those ascendants and descendants living under their care, provided they are travelling with or to join them”.

“They may also do so if they are transport personnel, sailors and aeronautical personnel required and it is necessary to carry out air transport activities”, added the ministry.

And this applies to “diplomatic, consular, international organisations, military, civil protection and members of humanitarian organisations, in the exercise of their functions” or “persons who can document reasons of force majeure or situation of need, or whose entry is permitted for humanitarian reasons”.

The measure has been adopted with the objective of “facing the risk derived from new variants and the epidemiological situation suffered by some third countries”.

Quarantine measures are established for people arriving, with or without intermediate stopovers, from the countries listed.